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Updating Test Cases and inadvertently affecting open test runs


We are busy using TestRail, creating Test Cases and Test Runs. However we have come across a concern that test case in an open test run could be edited by another tester and then used in a 2nd test run not linked to test run 1. As TestRail stands this would change the test case in Test Run 1, this may not be what Tester 1 wanted and could be incorrect for their Test Run.
Currently the “Test Results” button shows which test runs the test case is associated with. However would it be possible to modify the UI to show a warning message upon entering edit mode to display which open test runs the test case is in?


Hello Mark,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, when you edit test cases, the changes are propagated to active test runs (for the associated test suite) and that’s always the case for active/open test runs. You can “close” test runs/plans (via the lock icon) to prevent this but this is meant to archive test runs/plans and doesn’t allow further modifications once you have closed them (such as adding test results or editing the test run/plan).

It is currently not supported to display the active test runs a test case is part of when you edit it. It is supported to display a generic warning on this page (via UI scripts, see link below) but it wouldn’t be possible to display a list of test runs, e.g.

We are happy to help in case you have any questions about UI scripts.