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Updating several test cases or test runs at same time


I’ve been playing with TestRail today, but I couldn’t find a way to update several test cases and/or test runs at same time. For example, if I have a big set of test cases in my run list and want to block all of them, do I need to do it one by one? Or if I want to edit any test case field and I’ve got same info for several (e.g. estimate), do I have to open and editing one by one?
Many thanks,
Ana Zadra


Hello Ana,

Thanks for your posting. You can add a result to multiple tests at once by selecting all tests (e.g. by clicking the checkbox next to a section title), and the scrolling down to the Add Test Result button. This way you can mark multiple tests as blocked, for example.

It’s not currently possible to bulk edit test cases, but this is something that we already have on our feature request list.

I hope this helps.



Im still waiting for the bulk text edit for test case :frowning:


Hi Sammi,

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:! Bulk edit for test cases is already possible on recent versions of TestRail, and you can simply select multiple test cases via the checkbox to the left of each test case or by adding a filter when viewing these from the Test Cases tab. You can then click the Edit button in the table header navigation to bulk edit all of the selected test cases or the entire filter if one was applied:

Hope this helps!