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Updating Push Notification to include Linking in YouTrack


I am currently working with our IT Department on updating fields in our Push Defect Pop-up and I ran into something I am not sure if it can be done. We use YouTrack for ticket tracking and there is a dropdown in YouTrack for linking items. When the linking type is selected a pop-up opens to select which item to link it to. Is this something we could include in the Push Defect pop-up in some way or would this not be possible? I have included screen captures below to show how their process works.



Hi Ken,

Thanks for your post! Are you using TestRail Cloud or TestRail Server? The YouTrack defect plugin was built to work with a standard YouTrack configuration, and you wouldn’t be able to modify this with TestRail Cloud. The TestRail Server edition allows you to customize the integration to work with your own custom fields or to map users between TestRail and YouTrack. You can learn more about customizing this with TestRail Server on our website here:

Hope this helps!



Hey Marco,

Thanks! I do have those links and I am working with out Developers to get the changes input (we are on TestRail Server). I guess really my question was since this dropdown is a little different than the standard issue fields if it would be available, especially since choosing a selection prompts a pop-up window in YouTrack.

I hope I am explaining that well enough, if not let me know what other questions you have. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Hi Ken,

Thanks for your reply! We haven’t tested this field specifically for YouTrack, but we know that it’s possible to do similar fields for other issue trackers (e.g. for JIRA). With JIRA there would be two separate fields: a Link Type and then the actual Link (where you’d enter the ID of the linked issue). It might be similar with YouTrack as well, however you may have to check with YouTrack support/documentation to see how they implement this and to see if it could be configurable this way as well with a custom defect plugin. Hope this helps!



Ok, that helps a lot. I’ll follow up with YouTrack as well to see if this is possible. Thanks for the assist!