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Updating a Test Result / Long Running Test


Good morning everyone.

To set the scene a little here, our organisation’s Test Rail administration is conducted centrally, by a team who manage many different tools, is used my multiple geographically separated test teams with little access directly to the administration team. I am a user of test rail in one of the remote test teams and have been using the product ‘as given to me’ for quite some time. My team is looking to improve the way we use the product and before I approach the admins, I wish to make sure my understanding of what is/is not possible is sound.

A lot of the tests we run take multiple days to complete, some have as many as 100 steps to complete. ( I do appreciate that there is a discussion on effective test writing to be had, but I’d like to address that separately). Our Project lead, and our internal customer, has mandated that each test execution be recorded fully, with actual results recorded against every step that has expected results described.

The challenge we have is that it does not appear possible to leave a test in an ‘in progress’ status, importantly with someof the actual results recorded in order that the test can be picked up again the following day and continued.

At present an example scenario is that we would begin a test, record the 1st 30 or so actual results, mark the test as ‘untested’ and then the following day conduct the next 30 or so actual results against a new execution and finish by marking the test with a pass/fail outcome. The problem this presents is that the actual results are spread over 2 executions when in reality it was only 1, albeit over multiple days.

I would like to approach our admins and ask them to make changes, but I would like to convey to them the changes we’d like succinctly. Any advice on how others approach this issue, and how they have adapted TestRail to cope with this would be very gratefully received.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!, I look forward to any input you’d be willing to provide.


let’s see/hope I understood your scenario…

it seems that you simply miss exactly this - a status named “in progress”. With this you can execute a test, set it to this status and mark the steps you have executed corresponding to their actual result.
And then continue the execution on another day, and when all steps are done, then set it to passed e.g

Right ?