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Update the Master repository from a Baseline



We are currently evaluating TestRail as a possible solution for our company and version control is an important topic for us. For this reason, we are considering the use of the Baseline functionality in TestRail. I hope to hear some of your experiences and best practices.

A bit more about us. We develop several products, and our developments for a next release of a product, is done in multiple agile teams that develop on Branches of our Master source code. For any of our products we can have around 5 to 10 Branches. Each software Branch also implies we update or create test cases. Once we are done developing any Branch, we integrate back to the Master source. We (manually) do the same with our test base, and this is becoming a labor intensive and error prone task.

In TestRail it is possible to create copies from a Master to a Baseline, either with a copy of all sections and test cases of the Master repository or with a project specific selection of sections and test cases.

How do we integrate the new and changed sections and test cases from a Baseline back to the Master repository? If we copy sections and test cases from a Baseline to the Master, we end up with duplicate test cases, without change history, test run and defect information. And if we move sections and test cases from the Baseline to the Master, we also end up with duplicate cases, we retain the change history, but the test run information is lost.
Instead of copying or moving, we want to be able to update and merge the sections and test cases in the Master repository with the new version of the sections and test cases from the Baseline. Reason is when we create a new Baseline on a later point in time for a new development project, we also want the latest test cases that match the product functionalities. Also, any form of source control like diff and merge functionality would be very useful.

Also, how would we handle a situation where the structure of the sections has changed in the Baseline? For example, in the Baseline we moved a section with test cases to a deeper sub-level in the section tree from level B to level C. If we then want to update the Master repository we can use the ‘append to’ option in the copy/move functionality. But then we again have copies, and the section tree in the Master is not updated to match the situation from the Baseline.

If only being able to use a copy function, it would mean a lot of manual and error prone comparison and this is what we hope to prevent by using a test case management tool like TestRail.

Thank you in advance for your reply(s).

Kind regards,