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Update TestRuns from database directly


I have some test cases that are run and evaluated on Database (SQL Server) periodically. Once the execution is over, i need to create a test run, update all test cases in it and close it. All this needs to be done directly from database. Is this possible?

Currently i have .net and java code doing this for other automation code but for this, i dont want any code involved. Direct execution of cases on database level and direct update on TestRail server.


Obaid Shirwani

They don’t support direct DB inserts/updates even if it is the server version of Test Rail. This is what the API is created for…

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That’s correct ! It is possible to directly manipulate the database, but is strongly discouraged, and we would be unable to provide support for issues that arise due to direct db interaction unless specifically recommended by a member of our team, which would only occur under extreme circumstances.

If you do decide to attempt making direct changes, make sure you take a full database backup first so you can restore in the event of issues occurring.