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Update test results in test rail based on case id instead of test id


is there an testrail api to update the test results based on case id instead of test id ?

No - Test results do not go with the Case. The system works by creating a copy of the original case and which creates the Test Case which gets the result. Trying to add it to the original test case breaks the way the system works.

no other alternatives…?

Not that I know of - Test Runs drive the testing and reporting in Test Rail. Unless I am no understanding the original question…

you should understand how the entities of TestRail work together. As mentioned by BGanger before.

A Test Case might be used in several TestRuns, each as an instance of the test case called a Test. Every Test might have multiple Results.

If you plan to update (or add) a result by case id, the system doesn’t know which test has to be touched. Well, you can restrict your usage of TestRail with a single instance of a Test Case, but this doesn’t make sense IMHO.

What do you really want to achieve?


Hi Guys,

Thanks all :slight_smile:

I have written a script and I am able to update test results by mentioning the run id and original case id

Aarthi A