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Update Test Cases when doing TestRuns

Hi when we do a test run sometimes we need to update the Test Cases, is there an easy way to access the Test Case that is connected to a test? Reason I ask is that we have about 1000 tests that we are doing and most of them needs to be updated with some minor details, but not all so we need need our testers to identify and then update while they are testing.

How to reproduce:

  1. Find a test in the test run
  2. Test T48955 - is tested but we need to update the text in the steps on the test case. We have to jump out of the test, find the test Case, update it and then jump back into the test. This takes a long time as we have a lot of tests we need to update.
  3. Now there is no way of jumping between the actual test and the test case.

Yes - just click on the case link in the Run, then Edit case:

When the case is saved the user will return to the Test Run.

Hi super, tnx, did never see that edit button as we always used the preview (preview is faster to use)

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