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Update Runs via API


Tried adding new Test case from different suite to existing Test Run via API - But it erased the existing cases within it. Is there no option to add existing tests to existing run?


Hi Chandas,

Thanks for your post! When updating a test run’s case selection via the API, you would need to be sure to include the full array of test cases, and not just the new test cases that you’re adding. The API wouldn’t assume that you just want to ‘add’ cases to the selection as opposed to fully changing the selection. You can learn more about this method on our website here:

Hope this helps!



Hi Marco,

I tried the update again with full list of case_ids , but it again shows only the first list. Two new case_ids added do not show. Can it be due to the case_ids being from different suites than the first? Can there be case_id from different suites merged onto a single run?


As stated before, this implementation of “adding” a test case basically makes the api useless.