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Update Project overview graph with test creation



I would like to improve the histogram displayed in the Project overview to integrate a additional line which display the number of test cases created everyday. Can I use an UI script?
If it is not possible, can I add a third tab in the activity area which list the new test cases created with information such as test suite name or creator’s name.

Thank in advance


Hello Nicolas,

Thanks for your posting. Such additional metrics/queries would not be possible via a UI Script, but it would be possible to run a database query via a custom report and then add this as a separate tab to TestRail (the tab and link itself would be created via a UI Script, the page with the statistics would need to be a server side script). We do have examples of such a custom script on our website here:

We might also be able to help with this via a custom project and please feel free to email us if you need help with this.



Thank you , I will have a look on the documentation.