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Update case description without affecting other test run details



I have a python method (using testrail API) which updates the case description of a tescase depending on the documentation string in the robot testcase. But when I update a run with the description field, it updates the desciption field for all the testruns craeted.

Is there a way where I can have the results/ tags/ description specific to a run and doesn’t affect any other test run details ?

Please ignore my naive questions here. Just getting started with the testrail environment.


Hi Madhura,

Thanks for your post! Updating a test case in TestRail would always update all tests within active test runs. So you wouldn’t be able to make this change on the test case level without it also affecting all tests in active test runs. When test runs are closed, these versions of the test case are copied/preserved in the background so that any future change to a test case doesn’t affect these. So tests in closed/completed test runs aren’t affected by these changes, and if the runs are completed then we recommend closing these before making any changes on the test case level. Hope this helps to clarify this!