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Update_case API can be used for updating the custom fields of test run e.g. "Automation Status"


I am unable to update the custom fields using the update_case API after getting the same from
JSONArray casefields = (JSONArray)client.sendGet("get_case_fields…

Is it possible and supported in test rail?

Also if possible check my code, what can be the issue:

Map<String, String> data = new HashMap<>();
data.put(“custom_automationprogress”, “Automated”);

TestRail API returned HTTP 400(“Invalid or incomplete JSON string in API request.”)


Hello Pooja,

Thanks for your post! Custom fields would be supported with the update_case API method, as this would allow the same POST fields as the add_case method (which includes custom fields). You can learn more about the supported POST fields on our website (just expand the Request fields section):

The error you’re receiving just indicates that your request isn’t formatted properly (as the request isn’t in proper JSON format). We wouldn’t be able to troubleshoot your specific script as part of our support, but you can also view request examples and proper formatting via the link I provided above. You can also learn more about using TestRail’s API together with Python in general (including some example POST requests) on our website as well:

Hope this helps!



Thanks for the reply,also there is one more question…does testrail support bulk edit using some API like update_cases?Is there any document available for the same about input it expect?