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Update a test case after it has already been executed in a test run

I have a test run that is a) not closed and b) with a few cases already executed.
If I modify a case that is already executed, the case in the test run will pick up the change automatically. Is there a way of knowing which version of the case was executed in the run?

Hi jiekang,

Thanks for the post! It is not currently possible to see the version of the test case at the time a particular result was added once the test case has been edited. Any updates to test cases will also update all related tests in open test runs or plans. Prior to making changes to your cases, any previous test runs or plans should be closed if these updates are not desired. When you close a test run in TestRail, TestRail automatically archives all related test case details for the run. This way you can be sure that even if you move, update or even delete a test case, you can still view the full details of the test cases as you originally tested against.

I hope this helps!


Understood. This is not blocking me from anything, but I still think it makes sense to have version control of a test case, like some other tools do (i.e. TestLink).

Hi jiekang,

Test case version control is currently on our features request list. I will add your vote to this feature request which helps us prioritize internally, but we do not currently have a target date for this feature release.

That being said, as John had mentioned. Just following typical test scenario. Once a test run is completed, a copy of the test case is saved in it’s current state that moment. While you can’t revert back like code versioning it does keep a audit trail of the exact test and test result.