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Untested test results not displayed in JIRA story?


I’m not sure if I’m seeing a bug or an intentional design decision.

I’ve set up a test run and all of the tests (just 4) are linked to a single user story in JIRA. When I view the story in JIRA the “TestRail: Results” section only shows the 3 test cases that are at a status other than “untested”

The reason why I’d like to see that there is to articulate how much testing is left in JIRA for that particular story. At the moment new tests will appear in the JIRA story view as and when I update their status.

Hope that makes sense, I was wondering if this was an issue caused by my updating the “Untested” label to “Not Started” too.


Hello Paul,

Thanks for your posting! Untested tests are not included by default and TestRail would only show test results (which by definition always have a real status other than untested). You can create a full coverage or todo report for one or multiple issues in TestRail with the Cases > Coverage for References (on the case level) or the Results > Comparison for References (result level) on the Reports tab.

I hope this helps!