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Unexpected: only one attachment but repeat uploading historical attachments

We found that our attachments are repeated uploading in the milestones recently.

  • 2019.10.24: We used add_attachment_to_result in our tests
  • 2019.10.25: Our milestones worked well. Only one attachment is appended each case
  • 2019.11.26: We found that 99 attachments in a case!!! We tried to find the root cause and looked into every milestone. Every milestone in this month got many attachments. Here is the situation:
    • first time: run a milestone, go through the case and get an attachment, but before milestone completely, the attachment is repeated uploading
    • second time: run a milestone, go through the case and get an attachment, but before milestone completely, the two attachments are repeated uploading

And so on, now in our milestone, these cases are appended by 99 attachments. Too many redundant files and we don’t have ways to delete them.
We tried to get_attachments_for_case but it returns an empty list. Here is my questions:

  1. Is there a way to delete these duplicated attachments?
  2. How could I avoid the situation about repeat uploading?

We checked out our QA repo to 2019.10.25 but it got the same issue. The same codes on that day worked well. Moreover, we also found that testrail released on 2019.10.29. Is there any possibility that the root cause is the testrail updated? Our testrail is with this version.

Look forward to your reply.

Hi buddy, happening the same at my end too from past week automatically. Did you get any way out yet?

Seder Smith

No, maybe we need @tgurock for help!

The Gurock brothers are no longer with the company. Maybe @vtran or @jon.reynolds can help…

Hi All,

This sounds like a serious bug. We will gladly look into this but will require private information. If you have not done so already, please email Send us relevant info; screenshots, code snippets, whether you are using Server or Cloud, etc.

Looking forward to seeing your email.

Hi @vtran,

I sent an email to, thanks!

Excuse me. Have you got my email, @vtran ?