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Understanding Jira Integration - Showing Test Cases on Jira Tickets


Hey All,

We use testrail as a test case repository but would like to improve our management of test runs as we complete jira tickets (stories, bugs, even epics).

I’m not sure I fully understand the expected workflow for having test cases show up on jira tickets. Let’s say I want to run 15 test cases, already defined in testrail, after completing a specific jira ticket. My understanding is that I need to go into each test case individually and add that jira as a reference. Is that right?

My concern here is, if I understand the flow correctly:

  • The list of jiras per test case will grow very quickly as we keep using some test case for testing jiras for the next X years
  • I need to perform this manual add reference action on each test case individually by editing the test case, rather than being able to assign a test run to a jira (or some other grouping)