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Underlining available in Markdown for TestRail


I reviewed topics on Markdown and I did not see this entry, so forgive me if it exists already.

Can you add a feature request for Markdown to support underlining text. There are ways around it that I am using, but it would be handy to include along with ‘’, '’, '’, the ‘+’ for the addition of the underlining text attribute.

I am currently using TestRail v4.0.2.3269

– Tom
Yuzu, Inc.


Hi Tom,

The supported Markdown features by TestRail can be found in the editor reference:

Underlining is currently not supported but I’ve just added it to our feature request list, thanks!



Thanks Tobias!


You are welcome, Tom!



This doesn’t appear to have been implemented yet, any news? Underlining would be useful.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, that’s correct. We don’t have an update at this point unfortunately but are happy to add another vote to this feature request.




please add my vote. Maybe you could consider allowing for basic HTML tags in general as part of the markdown. I think most markdown implementations allow for HTML formatting tags.
I believe besides underlining, support for colors and <del> <ins> would be great additions.


Thanks for your feedback, Detlef! We decided against HTML support when we chose Markdown because of security implications but we are happy to look into support for additional Markdown features and we add new rich-text features from time to time (such as the table support with 5.0, for example).



I would also like this feature. +1 from me