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Undelete the deleted test run from milestone


In Testrail, mistakenly a team member deleted some of the test run under a milestone. The milestone is still there but some test run are deleted from there.

Could someone from this community share the way to restore the deleted test run under the same test run?
Some posts states that we can restore from database and import it back ? Could you pls elaborate the process ( step by step on this ) or provide a link to some docs to do so? We need it badly .

Thank you in advance


Hi @anan,

Thanks for your posting and I’m sorry to hear that. You would need to restore a backup to get the test run back and there’s no undelete or similar feature directly in TestRail. If you are on TestRail Cloud (, we are happy to help with this and you can simply send an email to our help desk at in this case. Or do you use TestRail Server and a self-hosted installation?