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Undefined index: label

Hi all,

I have added status field to display when I hover to my reference number. The configuration is:


But when I hover my mouse pointer onto the Reference number, I got an error ‘Undefined index: label’

The same config works with other fields, including custom fields. Why is it not working for status? Status is a standard field in Jira, similar to Components or Sprint.

Hope someone could help me.


I’ve found the problem: TestRail doesn’t handle component=on well.
As a workaround, set it to off.
It also worked fine on my previous TestRail version (6.4), but after the upgrade to 6.5 it stopped working.
A ticket is opened to the TestRail team.

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Yes, I discovered this as well, though Component was working fine until yesterday (Before the 6.5 update). Same issue reported here by another user: Error when pushing a Jira ticket load
Hope Gurock can get it sorted soon!


I have posted my comment on the other post.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


We are on TestRail cloud instance. We have TestRail integrated with Jira (using only as Defect Management Tool). We had Push, Add features working without any issues. Also ‘Hovering’ over the Defects in TestRail, no issues until now. But currently, hovering over any defects is throwing ‘Undefined index : label’ exception. Following the instructions in this post did not resolve my issue.


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Currently this issue has been resolved for us, Thank you!

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Hi @Sri,

Thanks for your update. Could you please share as to how you were able to get this working for you?


Updating component field to components, resolved the issue mentioned in this thread. But we did not use ‘Status’ field.


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Hello All,

The Jira Plugin has a minor change with the 6.5 release, which causes the Push Dialog and some link hovering to fail. There are multiple ways to fix this issue. First, the plugin can be reconfigured, as described in the initial release announcement here:

Alternatively, you can modify the Defect plugin configuration and add an ‘s’ to component (changing component=on to components=on ). In the following recording, you can see this fixes the issue:

We are still working on a fix to the missing status field when link hovering, but updating the plugin settings will prevent the error messages discussed.

I hope this helps,

Is there any progress on the “status” part?


Hi Wei,

Thanks for your post. The fix for the issue you mentioned is currently in development/testing. As such, I can’t give you a precise timeline for release, but I expect it to be very soon.


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll be looking forward for this.