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Unassigned test cases


What is the best way to run a report on past unassigned cases within a certain time period?


Hi Cyndi,

Thanks for your post! There isn’t a specific report designed to show recently unassigned tests/test cases. The closest report to this would be the Comparison for Cases report. With this report, you would be able to select the test runs from a specific timeframe (e.g. such as the past month), and then in the report you would be able to see if a test was Untested or if it wasn’t included in a test run at all. Any test case that is completely blank for any test run means that it wasn’t included in the test case selection for that run. So you would be able to compare some test runs side by side to see if there are any cases that haven’t been selected for a test run recently. We’re also happy to look into adding a report to show this in a better format for a future update. Hope this helps!



Thanks Marco. We’re trying to figure out why there were a bunch of test cases not assigned. They may have been tested, just not assigned, want to confirm that is the case.