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Unable to view the attached image to the generated test result report in full view when no testrail server access

Hi Team,

I am new to testrail and have a scenario which isn’t resolved through testrail.

We want to generate a test result(that includes screenshots) report and share with the client who does not have the testrail access. Still the client can see the screenshot in full view. Kindly suggest me how I can resolve this issue.

Thanks in Advance

Hi mahesh,

TestRail can take any file format as an attachment, not just pictures. As such attachments are currently best access directly through TestRail. The only way to easily share information to users who do not have TestRail access is through emailing a scheduled report. These are intended to be small and provide an overview of testing progress. It is not intended as a means to provide highly detailed information as this could be problematic when dealing with emails. Especially once you start including images.

Alternatively it is possible to use the print function, save the print as a PDF or desired format, then share with your client. To do this, open the test run, select the print icon near the top right. On the pop-up window, look to the top left select “Details” from the dropdown. This will display any attachments that are viewable in a browser, such as images. From there select Print and save the output as a PDF. Windows 10 has this functionality builtin, for other OSes consider installing a free PDF printer like PDF Creator.

Hi vtran,

I need to share the full detail information with the client and for that I have used the print option to save the result in the PDF form but still, when clicked on the attached image in the PDF its redirected me to testrail server for full view which i don’t want.

Is there any option present from where I can set the default size of an image in the report or It would allow any user to full view the image without redirecting to testrail.

Thanks for advance.

Hi mahesh,

It wouldn’t currently be possible to easily set the size of the image. Usually to change a GUI element you could simply use the Testrail UI Script. However, the print page doesn’t follow UI Scripts.

To change formatting on this page it would only be possible for Testrail Server instance where you have direct access to the Testrail files. Specifically the file /testrail/css/markdown.css and the line for ".markdown-img "

Changing the image size wouldn’t currently be possible under TestRail Cloud.

Hi vtran,

Thanks for the help. I will try your solution.