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Unable to view any test suites even though dashboard shows 68 suites in project

Hi Team,

When I opened test suite for a project, it showed 60+ suites as its supposed to. I did some cleanup activity (deleted some test suites) and refreshed the Test Suites page only to see the message “This project doesn’t contain any test suites, yet.”.

On Dashboard view, the project shows it has 68 test suites as expected but inside the project the suites are not showing up. How do I get back the missing test suites?


I was able to find a solution. It seems to be related to “An error occurred during the last operation or your installation is currently in maintenance mode”.

The suites showed up on incognito mode. After clearing browser data and relaunching browser (browser quit and reopen), issue got resolved and the suites are showing up as expected in the normal browser session.

Hey Christopher,

Thanks for the update, glad to hear that you got it working now! Just let me know in case there’s anything else you need from us.