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Unable to use SmartInspect with Delphi XE COM program


I have used the sample Delphi smartInspect application to print out simple log entries when a button is clicked and that works. However I have a COM program that interacts with GroupWise to administratively ADD a user to the GroupWise system thru the GroupWise Administrative Object API, and it BUILDS with no errors, but I get a runtime error when I type a path to where the GroupWise domain database is and I click on the CONNECT button :



Access violation at address 10011E90 in module ‘gwadm1.dll’.
Read of address 00000000.


Access violation at address 004C65CD in module '‘admn_api.exe’.
Read of address 00000000.

When I click on OK, to clear the error, I can see that the program (form) has listed some data that it successfully received from GroupWise,

Now I want to use SmartInspect (trial) to see what could be causing this error, but have no clue how to do this, and the Delphi example app does not help me.

When I fill out the form with the requested data and CLICK on the “ADD USER” button , the user IS added correctly in eDirectory and GroupWise.

Any assistance would be great. Thanks, Bob Perez



Thanks for your posting. While you can use SmartInspect to debug your application and identify such errors (this is one of the main use cases of SmartInspect), you could also look into using exception report tools such as Eurekalog. To use SmartInspect to identify errors you would basically add log statements to your code and use the Console to view your log files.