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Unable to send Assignee's name to JIRA as issue Reporter


Dear Sirs,

We have installed TestRail, and we are happy with it so far. However, we are unable to Push a bug to JIRA with a specified Reporter (which should be TestRail current user name). Can you please help us with this problem as it is essential to us.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Andrey,

Thanks for your request. by default TestRail pushes the bug report under the account that you configured for the integration. TestRail needs a Jira account in order to access the API. That said, it’s possible to map the TestRail users to Jira and override the “Reported By” field when pushing issues to Jira. To do this you would just need to customize the integration script and we have an example for this on our website here:

We can also help with this if you prefer that though. You would still need to specify a user login for the integration and this user would need administrator permissions for Jira (this is required to override the Reported By field). Most customers simply create a generic
’testrail’ Jira user for the integration or similar and then override the Reported By field as explained above.

I hope this helps.




I’ve tried to set up our TestRail to Jira user mapping as mentioned in the link above, but it seems to ignore the ‘reporter’ field and just falls back to the generic testrail Jira user all the time.

I’ve tried method one (set an explicit username / password in _get_api), which works fine. I can also set the reporter substring as the new issue’s description, which then shows up correctly in Jira.

The generic testrail user has admin permissions.

Do you have any idea what could still go wrong with setting the reporter? Is there a way to debug things?



As always with this issues, I’ve found out myself five minutes after posting… =)

It turned out that even the administrator’s group did not had the privilegue to edit the reporter field. So your generic testrail user can just be a regular user as long as it can create issues and edit all fileds that you would like to push in, especially the reporter field.

Thanks anyway!


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your posting and for coming back to post the solution. Yes, you need a specific permission to override the reporter (I believe the permission is called “Modify Reporter”). The System Administrator group has this permission by default I believe, but you can assign it to a generic “testrail” user as well.

Glad to hear that it works now!