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Unable to select multiple test suites while creating a test run


We are looking for the following feature in Test Rail:

  • Project has been setup with multiple test suites, but the issue is unable to select multiple test suites while creating test run in order to group tests together with same criteria?

Is there any enhancement coming up for this issue in future releases or we have to setup project with single test suite?


Hello there,

For what you are wanting to do, we would recommend using one single repository for your tests rather than separate test suites. Normally when using test suites, you would group tests within each suite that are related to each other. This is one of the main reasons we recommend one repository as this allows you to more easily mix and match your test cases for your test runs.

You can always change a project configuration from suites to a single repository. Keep in mind if you want to do this you will need to consolidate all of your test suites into a single suite by copying your test cases from one test suite to the other. You can also choose to copy the sections you may have as well. Once you do this, you can then convert your project to a single repository.