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Unable to see Test Results on Jira for New-Gen Project


Looking for some help! I have a trial copy of TestRail which I can currently using with live test results. My issue is that the project type in jira for these results, “new-gen”, does not display the results in the ticket. It will show all test cases but not the results.

I have checked with the older project types and the subsection for test results is displayed on those tickets.

Any ideas why this is not displaying and what do I need to do to see these results

Hi Jen,

Based on your description it sounds as though you have the TestRail for Jira plugin enabled for only specific Jira project and not all.

Under the Jira Administration page navigate to Manage apps and look for the “TestRail for Jira” app. Expand the listing and click Configure. Review the “Limit to Projects” option to see if the app is limited to a certain projects. If so ensure the new project is part of this list.