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Unable to see test cases/reports in jira without logging in

unable to see test cases/reports in jira without logging in

I’ve integrated TestRail with Jira and it works great but I’ve noticed I have to be logged in to see the test cases/reports.

It returns “You are not yet logged in to TestRail. Please log in to use the integration.”

If the product owner wants to see the test cases in the story board (or) he want to see the reports in the dashboard ,he can’t as he didn’t logged in (i have created the read only access to him and created the user in the test rail)

But i am not sure how i need to make the single sign on as the jira user mailid and test rail user mail id is same

I see that I can configure the integration to either show the login prompt or show a blank screen, but what I’m really looking for is just a ‘view only’ kind of thing.

Is this possible?

This is the question come across in the demo.

Could you help on this how can we do this