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Unable to see test cases in Jira without logging in


Add my vote as well.

This is a big set back for my organisation.



This get’s my vote as well.

The organisation will not see it as enough of a reason to purchase additional licences just to view test results.


Looks like this is a highly requested feature in TestRails; surprising it’s not gaining more traction within Gurock.

We’re stuck in this quandary too. We’re a small company and don’t have the resources to purchase licenses for everyone to view the tests not to mention having yet another system to log into.


Please add our vote too. We as QA team are not happy to require from developers additional log-in operation to see read-olny results. It should be displayed as e.g. Git Commits tool which is not protected by any GitLab authentication.


+1 for ability to have Jira show the result. We do not want the developers to modify anything on testrail. Only want them to be able to see that the test cases passed or the Jira ticket they worked on.


+1 for this feature - but totally understand if the business is reluctant to give up on a cash grab.


+1 for ability to see test cases w/o logging in.

We recently transitioned to TestRail and this has been an ask from all the different teams. The teams would really like to have the visibility to the test cases with steps.


+1 for me, I need some other business people in our organization that has Jira account can see the status.