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Unable to see test cases in Jira without logging in


Another vote for read only access of results within Jira. T


Another vote for read only access of test cases and results within Jira.


Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback, votes added!



+1 for that feature as we at the moment need to block 1 user. Currently we use a shared read-only user to share the information with our jira users.


Hi there,

Thank you for the feedback. I have added your vote.


Currently using the free trial to get a handle on TestRails and this feature is definitely a must have for us.


Hi Jeremy,

Vote added, thanks for your feedback!



Hey @Testrail

Is a free/read-only account type going to be added for developers ? This is really hindering our development.

Or basically allow anyone with JIRA access to view the test results within JIRA (But not access the testrail system)

We are an NGO with a large house of developers, it is really useful for the devs to be able to view the test cases within JIRA. ONLY the QA’s require access to make changes/run-reports/ actually use the testrail system.

It really doesn’t make sense for us to purchase more test rail accounts just so the devs can see what has been tested and not actually use the system.

Is this going to be looked at ? you can see that there is a strong need looking up at the comments.

Kind regards


+1 for having read-only access to TestRail via the JIRA plugin.

Lacking that, it would be nice if we could specify a default login in the JIRA plugin for TestRail (as is available from TestRail for JIRA).


Another vote for read only access of results within Jira.

This is a major flaw in Test Rail integration with Jira.


Another vote to enable read-only access for any non-licensed TR users. We are not going to invest in additional licenses for the dozens of developers we have.

The fact that your original solution was “buy more licenses!”, well that doesn’t give me happy thoughts at all.


Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve added your votes and feedback to the request and we’re happy to review this for a future update. In the meantime, you can also look into sending additional details (such as test steps/expected results/statuses) to JIRA issue descriptions via an integration template under Administration > Integration, or sending/scheduling reports via email to necessary stakeholders.



Again. +1 vote for me. We are working with multiple developers in different countries and these people would never need to interact with TestRail apart from seeing the test results for debugging purposes.

Also, our programme managers like to have an overall view of the cases run through JIRA. For them to need a licence to see this is a bit of a joke.


Hi Martin,

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve added your vote and feedback to the feature request as well, and we’re happy to review this.



Dear Gurock team,

It is a really surprise. We’ve just bough a subscription and finished integration with JIRA. We assumed that after integration all JIRA users should able to see results from TestRail. We really like 2 way integration and it was one of major feature during test management tools comparison. In current implementation it’s not so useful and applicable only for QA team.

Why we need additional login to show status? This is two separate functionality: 1. Status in JIRA and 2. TestRail management system.

We don’t want to add additional effort to dev and management teams to login in one more system to see status, they don’t work with it.

We hope we will see (and definitely we are waiting for!) a new release of this feature and all guys will be happy to use it.

Thanks, Igor


Hi, we have also recently took testrail usage in QA and integrated to Jira. All what other than testers would need is to see overal status on test cases and each jira tasks are covered with test cases. Nothing else. Vote for read only access option.


Hello, I’d like to add my +1 for this feature

In our current setup, we only have a handful of licenses for the QA team (the people that work in TR directly) while the rest of the Dev team, Leads, and Prod do not require a TestRail license (they don’t work directly on TR, but need visibility of the results from TR) you could argue for the value of having DEV being in TR,

If a bug is in JIRA, it can be accessed by everyone with project level access -and more often than not- the members that have JIRA project access is not going to be a 1=1 ratio with those who have TestRail licenses.
Say you have 20 devs in a team, and 3 QA to support them, these 20 devs should be able to see all TestRail information that’s linked to the JIRA issue regardless if they have a TR license or not. The current level of integration between TR and JIRA is just good enough.

The current solution is to buy more TestRail licenses to ensure that everyone has access and visibility just on JIRA. Unfortunately, this is not good enough to provide the dev team with the level of visibility they need.


I agree with this feature. It was quite surprising that they don’t have read access in the JIRA plug-in and still need to login.


We need this feature as well. I understand the canned response and while your licenses are not expensive, it doesn’t make much sense to have to have a license for read-only information integrated into another system. I imagine there are shops who wish to keep the test information private, but in my 15+ yrs of working in software development, the developers (users of Jira) and the testers (users of TestRail) share this information and it is an important, if not the MOST important, part of the relationship. Currently, our testers are cutting and pasting information into the Jira ticket for developers. We might as well use another Testing system that doesn’t integrate with Jira. As others mentioned, we were surprised to discover that only those with licenses could see the TestRail information in the Jira issue.

Add our vote to requesting that Gurock seriously consider this feature in the next update. It would make TestRail that much more valuable as a tool in our arsenal.



We have small (20 users)IT team but the business team has more 100 people. There is no way business would invest for another 80 lic. especially they are not going use TR.
Any updates on this read-only feature for Jira users,