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Unable to see test cases in Jira without logging in


I’ve integrated TestRail with Jira and it works great but I’ve noticed I have to be logged in to see the test cases.

It returns “You are not yet logged in to TestRail. Please log in to use the integration.”

I would ideally like my devs to see the test cases and statuses for a ticket, but I don’t want them all to have to sign up for TestRail and log in since they don’t really need to create bugs or see that stuff.

I see that I can configure the integration to either show the login prompt or show a blank screen, but what I’m really looking for is just a ‘view only’ kind of thing.

Is this possible?


Hello Steven,

Thanks for your posting! You would need to have a login to TestRail in order to see the reports/dashboards or linked test results in JIRA, as this would be required for the secure access to TestRail and to enforce user/project permissions. You would not however need a TestRail license/subscription for other JIRA users who don’t need access to TestRail or don’t want to review the test result details.

Alternatively it’s also possible to generate reports and forward them to non-TestRail users (you can even schedule this so reports are automatically generated). With TestRail’s low per-user pricing, many teams invite e.g. their developers to TestRail as well as this can often make sense to help review test cases, review results etc. But it’s no necessarily needed and you can even configure the integration so that TestRail would automatically include more details in the pushed JIRA issues, such as the test steps (you can configure this via the templates under Administration > Integration). The issues and description can be viewed in JIRA without a TestRail login.

I hope this helps!



Thanks for the quick response Tobias!

That’s a bummer – I don’t consider our tests sensitive and would like the option to simply display these in a readonly fashion to our devs who don’t have TestRail accounts. I feel like that should be a third option adding to the existing two (show login or show blank).

Thanks anyway.


Thanks for your feedback, Steven! Do you have the option to give your developers access to TestRail as well? We found that having access to the same tools and data and being able to collaborate with the QA team results in much more efficient communication. In addition to viewing the details in JIRA, this would also enable your dev team to add comments to test results, change test statuses, view reports, etc. and this is (also based on customer feedback) a really good way to integrate the dev and QA teams.



Sure I could grant them access but I’m really trying to cut down on the number of systems each person needs to touch. Since Jira Cloud doesn’t support SAML SSO the devs already have to log in there and our conversations all happen there. I don’t want them to have to login into another system when they could just be viewing the comments the testers and responding in Jira. It doesn’t look like the integration sync comments at all. I actually quite like that these are separate systems anyway with the only overlap being the test result and brief comment.

I’ve only been looking at this for a day so my thoughts are still pretty raw and there may be things I’m missing


Hello Steven,

With comments I meant adding comments and/or test results in TestRail (in addition to seeing the details in JIRA, of course) and we found that being able to contribute to the testing process results in a much better and more efficient communication between dev and QA teams.

With TestRail, it’s just logging in once (and checking the remember-me box), so users really wouldn’t have to log in constantly to access TestRail or see the details in JIRA. I understand your concern but we tried to make it as easy as possible to integrate both systems and the same sessions are used for accessing TestRail data in JIRA or TestRail as stand-alone application.



I’d like to ‘vote’ for this being a feature we’d like here. Not all users who have access to JIRA need access to TestRail, but they are interested in seeing the test results associated to certain JIRA issues.


Hi Kirsten,

Thanks for your posting. Non-TestRail users can already see pushed issues from TestRail and their details (via the Push Defect dialog) but I’m happy to add another vote, thanks for your feedback!



Thanks for the reply!

I’m referring to the “TestRail: Cases” section on the issue itself in JIRA. Unless you log into TestRail, which our developers can’t because they don’t have a login (and don’t need one), they can’t see the test cases associated with a given issue.



Thanks, Kirsten. For the best possible integration, we recommend giving your developers access to TestRail as well and the add-on provides a full two-way integration between JIRA and TestRail. This is especially useful to see the current test status in JIRA as well as the related issue details in TestRail and we found that this can make the collaboration between testers and developers much more efficient and faster.



There is currently a discussion in our IT department concerning the cost involved in giving all developers access to testrail issues from jira.

Suggestion is a reduced price read-only user account for developers only needing to access testrail from jira.


Hi Jasper,

Thanks for your feedback! The per-user price goes down significantly with the higher user tiers so this is already factored in. We understand that not all users use TestRail every day with very large teams and structured the pricing accordingly. There will always be a set of core users and users who use TestRail less frequently so we structured the pricing in a way that the per-user price goes down if you add additional users.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,
Hope you are doing well.

I would like to vote for this feature too. Devs not being able to view results on JIRA, makes it really inconvenient.


Hi Neha,

Thanks for your feedback! We usually recommend giving developers access to TestRail as well and this has advantages beyond the JIRA integration, e.g. this allows developers to participate in TestRail by adding comments, changing test status etc.



Hi Tobias,

we have a simular problem with a TestRail cloud and JIRA server solution.

Although the DEVs are logged in (they all have an account), the button is shown in the UserStory instead of the test results. If we klick the login button, the dashboard succesfully opens without any further login. So we have to close the tab, go back to the UserStory and refresh the site in order to now hopefully now see the results. Some of us have the problem, that even after refreshing the site there are no results displayed. Whats wrong? Browser issue?

I also added fallback-data in the intergration section for the user- and password-variables. I thought this would be enough to only view the synced test results?



Hi Christian,

Thanks for your posting. This looks like a browser issue (permissions with sending cookies via iframe) and can you please try a different browser? We sometimes see this behavior with IE (and too strict permissions) and switching to Firefox/Chrome usually helps.



+1 vote for Jira users without testRail access to have visibility into the the data pushed to Jira. This would greatly increase the value of testRail to our organization.


Hi Tracy,

Thanks for your feedback!



Another vote for read only access of results within Jira.


Thanks for your feedback, Ellie!