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Unable to search the test case if multiple references are given


I have given multiple references in as shown in attached image. When i am seaching with any of these i am not getting those test cases. Please let me know if we need use any other character other than comma (,).

Sachin Adlakha


Hello Sachin,

Thanks for your post! I believe we answered this via email already, but just in case you haven’t received that yet: We would just recommend using the built-in filter features throughout TestRail instead of the search, as you would be able to filter for any test case that contains a single Reference ID. We also have plans to improve the search feature overall for a future update. Hope this helps!



Hi Marco,
thanks for your suggestion.

I’m also interested on this thread, 'cause I’m facing the same need.
Unfortunately I’m not able to understand where’s the built-in filter you mentioned. From the “Select Cases” interface, while I’m creating a test plan, the only way to find a test case by his reference is to search for it using the “References” filter (and so I’m facing the above mentioned bug).

What do you mean for “built-in” filter? Is it available from this interface?



Thanks Marco,
My issue is resolved.

Sachin Adlakha