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Unable to save/resume test case with multiple steps


There is no way to begin execution of a test case, then pause it to resume later.

The only option is to Save Result or Cancel. If I am interrupted and need to put the test case on hold I need a way to do this, then resume from where I left off.

Edit will not allow me to change everything as if I was just beginning the test case.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your posting. You can just add a new test result and continue with the next step. Assuming you were interrupted at step N, you can just save the result and this will add a test result to TestRail (e.g. you can add/choose an intermediate status for this). When you are ready to continue with testing, you continue at step N + 1 and save another test result once you are finished with the test. The overall status of the test will use the latest result status and all steps & individual results will appear in the result history.



A disadvantage to this system is that if Step B fails, then I stop at Step N and save results. Then I resume at N+1 and all passes in these steps - the latest run (and therefore any summary) will indicate testcase PASS. The only way to see a failure is to look in history. We need a way to see the complete results of the lastest run of a test case.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your feedback. You can still set the result/overall status to Failed in this case, even if all tests passed and this would then reflect the overall status of all steps.



I am confused. When I EDIT test case history the ONLY field which is non-editable is the overall status - this is the one I would need to change.


Hi Dave,

You would leave the original result/status as-is and just add a new result to update the overall status of the test. This approach guarantees that the result history is immutable which is a requirement for many teams and makes it easy to follow the steps it took to get to Passed. If you change the status of the original result, this would it make it much more difficult to understand the result history. Editing results is only meant for smaller changes such as fixing typos and we recommend adding new test results instead if you plan to make significant changes to the test.



You will lose ALL your entered test results, if you accidentally close the window before hitting the ‘Save’ button.

What??? No ‘Save Draft’ button? That is SO 2010 !!!

Several times, I have lost data, screenshots and text, and had to start over. Please fix this.




I completely agree with donna.fredericks comment of Dec’17. I’ve seen a similar question/query raised on this same issue a few times on this forum, and I think that the responses telling us that you must just save what you’ve done and simply add a new test result for the rest of the test steps that you have remaining, amounts to a terrible user experience. I think it’s really poor for a test management tool. There seems to be no admission to this either, or any interest at all in fixing it, when it really is quite antiquated.

It’s terrible for when you want to look back over your test results and read through a test with all the test steps including the relevant tests steps. I’ve only used a couple of other test management tools but both of them enabled steps so far to be saved and enabled resuming where you left off. Neither of them had a window that just closed and then when you try to resume, had all your results and screenshot deleted from the steps.

TestRail is generally OK otherwise, although the formatting (using * *, ** **, etc. to make test bold or in italics) doesn’t work a lot of the time, especially when you copy and paste test steps. It’s not the best though, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get something better, so I’d be happy if our company switched to something else to be honest.

Is there really no way that this will be looked into?