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Unable to move or copy sections with no test cases


I currently have a bunch of folders with no test cases yet. I am trying to move these to be under another folder (basically changing the structure to be one more nested level down). However, I am not able to do this, as it complains that I must select at least one test case. If I do have test cases in some of those folders, only the folders with test cases get moved, regardless of the options I select (“Also copy/move…”).

This is going to cause a lot of manual work to recreate those subfolders from scratch again. Is there a fast workaround? Why is this limited to moving folders only with test cases?


Hi Marci,

Thank you for your post. In this case are you attempting to copy/move these sections/subsections within the same project or are you attempting to copy/move these to a different project?

If you are attempting to copy/move to a different project, the tool would require that you have at least one test case in each section/subsection. If you are attempting to copy/move within the same project, you can easily drag and drop your sections/subsections to different locations within that same project.

You could create a dummy test case and copy this test case into those sections that you need to move. Once you had copied the sections to their new location, you could delete the dummy test case.


Hi Marty,

Thanks for the reply. This is all within the same project. The-dummy-test-case-approach to allow the folders to be moved would be time consuming as I had already created a lot of folders and subfolders. The problem was trying to move the empty folders between suites. I did end up creating one parent suite so that I could see a fuller tree-version of the folders and didn’t want to keep jumping out to the suite view every time I wanted to view certain test cases, but had to recreate almost all the subfolders from scratch since most of them didn’t have test cases. What is the logic behind requiring a folder to contain a test case before you are able to move it between suites? (Again, the tree view didn’t help here as it won’t go a level above the suites.) . Hope my wording makes sense…


I agree with mboecking. Creating dummy test cases in order to copy suite structures from within the same project doesn’t seem like an optimal solution. That would take about as much time as creating the sections/subsections from scratch. Something that my team is experiencing today. Is this something that will be addressed in a future TestRail release?