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Unable to install Testrail for JIRA Test Management addon on my cloud site



Edit Wrongfully posted here. Is a support issue. Unable to delete.

I am playing around trying to find the right way to migrate my JIRA and Confluence server installations to cloud. Unfortunately it is not as easy as stated in Atlassians documentation.

This has led me to register a few cloud test sites. Now I face an issue when trying to install this addon on all my sites. It went well on the first site but when trying to do the same on number 2 and 3 it fails with this errormessage:

An error occurred while provisioning the user for this add-on. Please try installing it again, and if then problem persists then contact Atlassian support.

Atlassian support tells me to contact the vendor in question as they need to do something on their side. Here is the reply from Atlassian:

As for paid add-ons, this is a known issue as the license details matches a subscription that already exists on the add-on vendor’s side. In this case, you will need to check with the vendor directly so they can make the change and disable the previous subscription and enable the new one

Appreciate your help.



Hello Thomas,

Thank you for your post. Could you please open a ticket for this by sending an email to to open a support request for this? Once we have that we can take a better look at this.


Hi Marty,

I realized my error the second I posted it. However I was unable to delete the post. My issue has been reported and handled so if you’re able - pls delete it.




Thank you for the update. If you do not mind posting the solution you found, that would be appreciated.


The answer from Gurock support was to contact Atlassian support as they would need to look into this.



I think Marty thought you fixed the issue and wanted you to post what you did to fix it.


My thought too BGanger, however that was not the case this time :slight_smile:


Hi Thomas

Thanks for your reply! I just wanted to check in to confirm whether you were able to get this answered or not? TestRail isn’t a paid JIRA add-on, so the answer that Atlassian Support provided wouldn’t apply to the issue in this case. TestRail’s JIRA Cloud add-on is a standard Atlassian Connect integration, and the installation/activation code and logic is fully developed and controlled by Atlassian for JIRA Cloud instances. Let us know if there’s anything that we can assist with on this matter or if Atlassian Support needs any additional details from us and we’re happy to help.



Hi Marco,

Issue is not resolved. I am still unable to install add-on on my test instance but it has been reported to Atlassian and will hopefully be sorted out at the earliest.




My apologies for the misunderstanding earlier. Also, as Marco pointed out, if Atlassian needs any additional information from us, please let us know.