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Unable to generate export of Test Rails project


I have finished my TestRail evaluation and will be using the corporate account going forward. I wanted to generate an export of my project so that I could more easily import the test cases into the new system. I tried the export option on my expired project page but it has been running for ~3 hours without any success. The project is quite small and I cannot imagine it takes that long to export. I have refreshed the page a few times and all I see if the status indicator spinning.

Thanks for any assistance


Hello Bruce,

Thanks for your posting! Did you use the export feature under Administration > Subscription? This export feature only works as long as the trial is still current/active and this would explain the behavior if your trial has expired. Can you please send a quick email to so we can extend your trial? The export would then be available within a few minutes and you can then follow the backup/restore guide to restore the export locally: