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Unable to Delete Test Suites


I saw a few posts here that said there is supposed to be a delete option when I edit a test suite, but I have nothing on my sidebar. I have admin access, so definitely not permissions related. See screenshot.




Hi Adrian,

Thank you for posting! Any user that is assigned a role with the delete permissions enabled for test suites would have the option to delete a test suite in the right sidebar of the Edit Test Suite page. As you are unable to see the red ‘Delete this test suite’ link in the sidebar of the page, this would indicate that the role your account is assigned does not have permission to delete test suites. In TestRail, privileges associated with the role a user has been assigned are independent from admin privileges. You can check which role you are assigned under Administration > Users & Roles and you can manage the permissions for these roles on the Roles tab.

It is also possible that you have been assigned a different role at the project level and this role does not have permission to delete test suites. Project level permissions would always override global permissions and these are configured on the Access tab of the Edit Project page which can be found under Administration > Projects. You can also find more information about managing permissions and roles on our website here:

I hope this helps!




My assigned role didn’t have the delete permission, I added it. Thanks for the clarification John!



Thanks for the update, I am glad I was able to help.