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Unable to create test case


Hi Team,

The user has reported that they are not able to create the test case and the error what they are getting is “An Error Occurred
The total number of locks exceeds the lock table size
If you believe this is an error that shouldn’t happen, please send this error report to Gurock Software.”

I tried to investigate and found few solutions on stackflow but didn’t help, all were pointing to innodb_buffer_pool_size which I have already increased to 4GB still it didn’t work.

How should we resolve this?



Hi Vishal,

Thank you for posting! In general, lock or timeout exceptions would indicate a performance issue on the database side and/or misconfiguration of the database server. We recommend reviewing our I/O and database optimization guide to help with this if you haven’t seen this already:

We would recommend checking with your database administrator for help with diagnosing these issues, and optimizing your database server as mentioned above to help with mitigating these errors. Most often this is related to disk I/O performance and/or available database resource limits. We also recommend increasing the innodb_buffer_pool_size as mentioned in the article above. Please note you would need to restart MySQL for this change to take effect.

I hope this helps!