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Unable to connect to TestRail



My team from Sibiu cannot connect anymore to:
I still can connect normally, also on a browser with cleaned cache.

If I run a ping, I can see:

PING ( 56 data bytes
Request timeout for icmp_seq 0
Request timeout for icmp_seq 1
Request timeout for icmp_seq 2

Can you please support us? It is blocking our testing activities, so pretty urgent!

Thank you a lot and regards,



Hi Leonardo,

Thanks for your posting. We haven’t seen any similar reports and we monitor our servers 24/7 from different world-wide locations via third-party services, which haven’t recorded any downtimes. When we had short server issues in the past we also usually received many customer requests/calls within a short period of time, as we have many teams actively using TestRail Cloud accounts at any given time.

Might it be possible that this was a local issue, e.g. a DNS resolution problem, a routing issue or similar? If this happens again, could you please run a trace route (or better: an mtr trace) against / and send us the output so we can help troubleshoot this? This would help us identify the problematic router and see if the router is part of the data center infrastructure we are using. Do you still see this behavior right now?