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Unable to configure TestRail JIRA add-on (redirect loop)


When I attempted to configure the TestRail JIRA plugin, it returns this error message.

The test user has jira-administrators role. If I switches the test user to jira-system-administrators role, I am able to configure the plugin.

Can we make it work with jira-administrators role? We don’t want to give out sysadmin role unnecessarily.



jira-system-administrators role works fine:



Thanks for your posting! We haven’t seen this behavior before but will make to review this. You would only need to configure the integration once and the remaining functionality of the plugin works without admin access. So I would recommend using a jira-system-administrators user to configure the plugin for now. Would this work for you?



Technically it is not an issue for sysadmin to do it but this introduces administrative issues.

We reserved jira-system-administrators role to very limited number of people (IT sysadmin). Simple operation like adding a project to TestRail should be a very trivial task and jira-administrators should be able to it do it.

jira-administrators don’t have any issues to configure other JIRA plugins.

FYI, there is third-party plugin having the same issue and they fixed it:


Yep, I agree and we will make sure to review this for the next version of the add-on. Do you use JIRA Server or JIRA Cloud?

Also thanks for the link, helps a lot!



It is JIRA server, version 6.4.6.


Thanks a lot! We will make sure to review this and try to reproduce it.



I just encountered this same problem. I am in the jira-administrators group, but not the jira-system-administrators group.

Is there a special reason this plugin requires jira-system-administators group permissions? If not, can the plugin be updated?

Thanks for your time.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply! Can you check to be sure that your jira-administrators group is also still included in the JIRA Administrator’s Global Permission scheme? By default, configuring an add-on would require that the group at least be a part of this global permission or the JIRA System Administrator’s global permission. You can check this in JIRA by navigating to the Cog icon > System > Global Permissions page. Is the jira-administrators group a part of the JIRA Administrator’s global permission on this page, and if so can you also let me know which version of JIRA you’re using?

Looking forward to your reply!



Hi Marco,

I believe the setting is correct. See below a screen shot of the Global Permissions page.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply! From the screenshot this looks set correctly as the jira-administrators group is in the JIRA Administrators global permission, and this should allow you to install/configure add-ons in JIRA. I’m unable to reproduce this on a vanilla JIRA Server instance (running the latest 7.3.4, and JIRA Cloud doesn’t even allow system-administrator permissions as this is restricted for JIRA Cloud and the highest level permission would be JIRA Administrators in Cloud). It’s possible there could be some customizations on your JIRA Server installation that could be conflicting with the standard permissions, however this would be difficult to troubleshoot on our end. Could also let me know what JIRA version you’re running so I can attempt to reproduce the issue on that version?

Looking forward to your reply!



It appears we have the same issue with our Jira Server instance. We’re using Jira 7.11.1


Hi Glenn,

As previously mentioned the add-on only needs to be installed and setup once. From there anyone with access to a JIRA project where the add-on is active is can use it.

With TestRail Server, you must also ensure there is a outside internet connection so that the JIRA instance can reach out to the Atlassian marketplace to download the add-on. Alternatively you can also down the add-on and use upload it manually on the manage add-on/apps page.

If you have some more detailed information to provide feel free to send this to for further troubleshooting.