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Unable to configure Test rail add in JIRA for multiple projects



I’m having a little trouble with configuring Testrail with JIRA.
When I add multiple projects and click on SAVE button , I am facing following issue.
"Unverified request: JSON Web Token (JWT) signature invalid or expired. Please refresh this page. "

I am able to configure it for single project though & referring
Please let me know how can I add multiple projects.

Thanking in advance.


Hey Guddu,

Thank you for your post. When configuring multiple projects for integration with JIRA, you would normally just configure your integration by going to Administration > Integration. This would allow all of your TestRail projects to be integrated with your JIRA instance. TestRail would also remember which JIRA projects you choose for your TestRail projects.

If you have more than one JIRA instance that you want to integrate with your TestRail instance, you would need to do this at the project level. Example: You have three projects.

Project A
Project B
Project C

You configure your global integration under Administration > Integration. You then go into Project C and configure integration to a different JIRA instance. Project A and Project B would use the global integration. Project C would use the configuration you setup for it.

Does this help?


Yes it works fine :slight_smile: I am able to configure multiple projects for integration with JIRA.

Thanks a lot martylavender.


You are welcome. I am glad you were able to get this working.