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Unable to close console v.



I can’t close the console once it’s received a message via tcp() or pipe() protocol. I can close only before message reception. Here’s a code:

SiAuto.Si.Connections := ‘tcp()’;
SiAuto.Si.Enabled := true;


It seems to be a problem with disabling pipe server. When “Pipe server enabled” is unchecked from main menu, main window freezes for a long time.


Thanks for letting us know. I am currently working on a fix. Will be included in the next EAP release.




Slow down, it’s Sunday :slight_smile:



It’s actually quite nice to work on weekends, no phones ringing, quiet offices and only a few emails (sometimes even none!). We do not work on every weekend, but on those we do, we usually get a lot of work done.


That’s true, currently I’m in a hospital, but getting better and better. Probably, the most productive period in last time. People respect sickness and do not call.


I hope you are getting well soon.