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Unable to assign test cases to tester (bug)


I ran into this a couple of weeks ago while creating our test plans.

The problem is that I cannot assign tests after the test run was was created within a test plan.

Here are the steps:
-Create a Test Plan
-Add a Test Suite to the test plan
-Do not assign it to anyone.
-Save the Test Plan
-Edit the Test Plan
-Assign the Test Suite to a tester
-Save the Test Plan
-Notice that none of the test cases were assigned to the tester.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong here. Seems like a straightforward use-case for us since we don’t know who will be testing each test suites from the get-go.

Could you confirm if this is a bug, and if so, a possible workaround in the meantime ?

Running TestRail




Hello Rami,

Thanks for the feedback. This is actually by design at the moment so that TestRail doesn’t override the test assignments when you edit a test plan. The reason for this is that if team leads assign tests manually and then edit a test plan, all those carefully assigned tests would have been overridden. We need to make this more clear in the UI and either remove/disable the test assignment dropdown field when you edit a test plan, or allow you to change the assignment with a warning or similar.

To assign tests after the test plan has been created, you would need to do this from the test run page at the moment (you can select multiple tests and then use the Assign To button at the bottom of the page).