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Unable to add specific tests into test plan using test type


I created a new test plan under test results tab. Then i tried to select specific test cases by using Type=Regression but it shows 0 test cases selected.

However, I’m able to filter by Type=Regression in Test Suite and Test cases tab.

Steps to re-create:

  1. Go to Test runs/Results tab
  2. Add Test plan
  3. Click on add test suite and select your suite then click OK
  4. Now click on “Select Cases” link
  5. Under selection filter, expand type field and select Regression and click OK
  6. You will be taken back to Add Test plan page and you’ll see 0 test cases selected

Anyone else experienced this same issue? The workaround for me is to manually select each test case which has type of regression and it is very time consuming.


Hi @gagand,

Thanks for your posting! Please check that you use the same test suite and have the same filter selected. Both pages use the same functionality internally, so the results should be the same in both cases and it would be great if you could check the suite/filter again.



@tgurock Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m using the same suite and same filter. This feature was working about a month ago but now it stopped working at least in Test Results tab.


Hi @gagand,

Can you check if you added a JavaScript/UI Script customizations on the Administration > Customizations page? There weren’t any changes from TestRail’s side and can you also check this with a different suite and/or project?