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Unable to add individual step failures for steps-separated


As explained above. When using the multiple steps feature I am no longer able to add an individual result to each step result. I am only able to specify a single pass/fail for the entire test.

After further investigation I can no longer find the “Step Results” field type under customizations.


Hello Declan,

This means that the Step Result Field was either removed or unlinked from your projects. Under Administration > Customizations you would be able to add the field to the Test Result Field table (the second table on the page) as explained here:

I hope this helps!


Hi Dennis,

The issue I am seeing is that in
Customizations -> Add Custom Field -> Type* Dropdown
There is no type “Step Results” as listed in the FAQ.

From the FAQ:

To configure separate test step results, just add a custom field to the Add Test Result dialog:

  1. Under the Test Result Field table, click the Add Field button
  2. For the Label enter ‘Step Results’, for the System Name enter ‘step_results’ and select ‘[color=Red]Step Results[/color]’ as the type
  3. Add the field to all projects again
  4. Click the Add Field button to submit the field

Step number 3 - Red highlighted type is no longer visible in the the dropdown.

Pass/fail individual test steps from the test case page

Hello Declan,

Thanks for the update. The Step Results field type is only available for results (under the Test Results table). The corresponding field type on the test case level would be Steps. I hope this helps!



You are correct. I completely missed that section when I was looking for it. Thanks.


Not a problem at all and great to hear that you found it now.