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Unable to add a new checkbox field in TestRail


I am attempting to add a new checkbox field. The Admin interface to select options for the checkbox works ok and when I click save, I am taken to the Admin Customizations page where I get a “success” message at the top of the page.

But next to the checkbox in the “Case Fields” section on the Admin Customizations page, there is a little animation box (looks like a ‘loading’ sort of thing) and it keeps spinning and spinning. And when I go to an actual test case in Edit Mode, I do not see the checkbox yet.

So I am guessing it has not completely been created and saved yet for some reason.

Anyone else seen this before? I’m trying to determine whether this is a problem just on our end with our setup or a TestRail bug.

I’m running TestRail version



I am also having this same problem when adding a Drop down menu field.

But I do not have the problem when adding a Multi-Select field.


Hello David,

Thanks for your posting! For large databases, TestRail 4.2 now might choose to add custom fields in the background and this requires the background task to be configured. You will then see the progress icon in the custom field table (TestRail will show the current status by hovering over the icon). If you haven’t configured the background task, you should see a yellow box with a warning at the top of the page and details on how to activate the background task. The documentation can also be found here:

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any questions.



Thanks for the response.

We do have the background task enabled so it appears that is not the problem.

And as of today, the ‘saving’ animation for the fields are still spinning in the Admin area so it appears the fields have not been created yet.

I’ve attached a screenshot.


In our TR install (as far as I can tell .3315 is v4.2) - we don’t have the same issue. We have installed 4.2 once but noticed your version is

Ours is self hosted - maybe that is the difference but thought I would throw it out there.


Ah yes I should have mentioned that too - we are self hosted as well.

Thanks for the response!
: )


Hi David,

Thanks for the additional details. Could you please hover over the small spinning icons and post the message/tooltip you see? It would also be great if you could enable debug logging, let the background task collect log information for a few hours and then send the log files to our help desk via email (



The tooltip states “This custom field is currently being installed”.

I will also check into your logging suggestion. Will let you know how that goes.



Thanks, David! You can simply send the logs to our help desk at via email and we are happy review them.



Email has been sent. Thank you.





(I have also sent this as a followup to my original email above)

I found out that our MySQL version on our Staging environment was changed to 5.6 last month. I think your specs state that TestRail is only verified up to 5.5?

If so, could the 5.6 version be causing my problem?



Hello David,

Thanks for the update. My apologies for not replying earlier via email. It seems that our help desk filtered your email (maybe based on the size of the attachments). We will make sure to review the log file and get back to you via email.



No worries. Thanks for your help!


Hello David,

Thanks again for the log file and I just sent a reply via email!