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Unable to access the Overview tab after creating a new Project



I just downloaded the latest version of TestRail ( in hopes of trying it out :slight_smile:
It seems to have installed correctly, because I am able to create new users, and custom fields etc. However, there seems to be a peculiar problem…
I’m able to log in as long as there are no Projects present. It shows the “Add your first project to TestRail” message. After creating the first project, I can’t open up the Overview tab anymore :frowning: Same goes for logging in. I’m guessing its the same tab that opens up after you log in.
I can access TestRail as long as I use direct links to Milestones, Test Runs & Results, Todos etc. After that I can open up all tabs except for Overview. Also can’t open up the created project from it’s link.

Is there some sort of setting that I’ve missed out?

I’m using the following configuration:
PHP 5.3.6 and the Microsoft SQL Driver 2.0 for PHP v5.3 in IIS (Installed from WebPlatform 3.0)
IIS 7.5 on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
MySQL Server 5.1

Also, the application is a little slow while opening up the various tabs and such. From what I read on this forum, it should be extremly fast :slight_smile:

If you could please provide some guidance, it would really help me out. TestRail seems like an amazing and easy to use application. The screenshots for the Overview tab look really good. If only I could get it to work :frowning:

Thanks in advance!




Hello Matthew,

Thanks for your message. We haven’t seen this issue before so I suspect that there’s some configuration issue. We don’t usually support Windows 7 for TestRail as a “production” system and recommend Windows Server or a Linux system, but this shouldn’t usually make a big difference and customers use Windows 7 to evaluate TestRail from time to time.

When you access the Administration area, do you see any errors or warnings in the log? If so it would be great if you could send us the logs to contact (at) (you can also find these files in your TestRail log directory). We can also take a look at the issue via Webex desktop sharing if you like and this would likely make it easier to diagnose this.

Another option to evaluate TestRail is our hosted online trial and you could migrate your data to a local server (on Windows Server or Linux would be recommend/supported) later.




Was there a resolution to this issue which could be shared? Having a very similar issue as this case. Similar environment and the same TestRail version as in this case.

Same as above w/ IIS7, Windows2008 Server x64, SQL 2008

I can access most every single page using a direct URL, but anytime I click the Overview tab or Dashboard tab (or try to login) the php-cgi.exe process spikes on the web server and uses up all CPU cycles for about 1 minute and then the browser page returns a 500 error.

Thinking it may be related to a conifg/data issue I’ve attempted to restore my working backup database, but the issue persists.

No updates/changes were performed on the web server.





We have a hotfix for this problem available and it’s unrelated to the issue previously mentioned in this forum. The issue is related to the summer/winter time changes this weekend. You can download the hotfix here:

You can simply replace the following file with this hotfix to resolve the issue:


No database changes are needed. Another option would be to upgade to TestRail 2.4 (this bug doesn’t exist in the latest version), but I recommend applying the hotfix first and testing it.

Please only apply this hotfix if you are using TestRail 2.3.x.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.




Thanks for the quick response! Hotfix solved the issue - very much appreciated!



Perfect, thanks for the confirmation!