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UI - Users and Roles


We have just started to use Group with TR. Once we started to assign users to groups, it became very difficult to know which users had already been assigned to a group since the Users/Roles screen does not have a list for group. Also noticed that it looks like we can’t add in that information in like we can add display fields in the test case.

Can a script be written to add that field for display on that screen? I know nothing about the capabilities of the scripts to know if is possible.

Being able to assign a group on the screen via a drop down would really be great as well - prevents having to click to load the user, then another click to change to the Access tab, then at least on more click to assign the group. :slight_smile:




Hello Brian,

Thanks for your posting. There are two ways to assign users to groups. You can simply click on the group under Administration > Users & Roles and then select the users via the checkbox list:

You can alternatively view and manage the groups of a user when you edit the user (on the Access tab).

I hope this helps!