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UI script to hide all test runs which have a 100% pass rate


Some of our automated test plans contain a large number of test runs (> 1000).

This UI script adds a button to the ^plan/view page which hides all the test runs which have a 100% pass rate.

This is useful if you’ve got a test plan with lots of test runs at 100% passed and only a few tests in a non-passed state (running a report is quite a long process if you only want a quick view of non-passed tests).

Works with TestRail version

name: Hide 100% Passed test runs
description: Hide 100% Passed test runs
author: Matt Horrocks, Dell.
version: 1.0
includes: ^plans/view

(document).ready( function() { (“Show attention required”).insertBefore(’.toolbar.content-header-toolbar a:last-child’);
(".show-attention-required").click( function(e) { e.preventDefault(); if ((this).text() == “Show all”){
(".chart-minibar-percent").each(function( index ) { (this).closest(‘tr’).show();
(".show-attention-required").text("Show attention required"); } else if ((this).text() == “Show attention required”){
(".chart-minibar-percent").each(function( index ) { if ((this).html().indexOf(“100%”) >= 0){
(this).closest('tr').hide(); } }); (".show-attention-required").text(“Show all”);


Hello Matt,

Thanks for sharing this, this looks really useful. Looking at the script, you appear to hide the test runs that actually have reached 100% passed, is this correct (the posting title indicates the opposite)?



Hello Tobias,

Yes, you’re quite right! I’ve amended the post.



Thanks for the confirmation, Matt!