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[UI Script] Enable test case title wrapping for Test Suites & Runs


The following UI script removes the title length limitation from the “Test Suites & Cases” and the “Test Runs & Results” pages by changing the css styles.

name: Remove Title Length Limitation
description: Removes the title length css limitation from the "Test Suites & Cases" and the "Test Runs & Results" pages
author: gmcdonald
version: 1.0
includes: ^suites/view|^runs/view

table.grid td {
    white-space: normal;


Thanks for sharing this, Glenn.



This script is not working.

Line 8 uses an invalid format (“name: value” expected).


This looks like a bug with TestRail 4.2.

If you remove the “excludes” line, the script can be added successfully.

In TestRail 4.1, the issue does not occur.


Hi all!

UI scripts require an empty line before the css/js definition:



The UI script code listing above was probably changed by our move to the new forum, sorry for that.



Thanks - seems I can’t edit my own post since it was imported?


Hi Glenn,

I found that the code listing was correctly imported but Markdown does not render the empty line. We will make sure to look into this. It seems that previous posts from the old forum cannot be edited, sorry.



Hi all,

Is there a fix to this yet? My team would like a way to see the test case title in its entirety in several places as well. I realize this thread is old so an update would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Hi Marci,

From what I can see, this appears to be working. Have you yourself given this a try?