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[UI Script] Dynamic change field value in Push Defect


I added some custom fields to Push Defect and it works well.
Now I need to add a dynamic value in the field. I guess this can be done using a UI Script. But it is not clear how to get a list of projects of Redmine in UI script?
I use this values in defect plugin in PHP code. Is there a possibility to do it?

What is the way to get info about projects in UI script?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, if there’s any more information I can provide, please let me know.



Hi Maria,

Thanks for your posting. You can implement dynamic fields directly in the (customized) defect plugin via the depends_on option for fields:



Hello Tobias,
I saw and read it the article. There write "Field dependencies are specified by the depends_on option and are currently only supported for dropdown fields. "
My fields text type.
Any more ideas?


Hi Maria,

Ah I okay, I understand. Dynamically setting a string/text field is not possible and would only be supported for dropdowns (and the parent fields also needs to be a dropdown). There’s currently no option to implement this functionality but you can certainly enter the Parent Task and submit this to Redmine.



Hello Tobias,
thank you for the answer. I will try to do it with the script.